The Rise of the Scottish Micro Wedding

20th November 2020

The Rise of the Micro Wedding (or perhaps here in Scotland we should say – the Wee Wedding!)

The Covid pandemic has brought about lots of changes, including influencing what’s in demand– initially it was the frantic grab for toilet roll, then came the long queues outside DIY stores as people contemplated how to usefully use their new-found time at home.  By August, if you wanted to purchase a camper van or mobile home then good luck (unless you were happy to wait until 2022!).

Perhaps one of the lesser documented changes of 2020 is the increase in ‘micro’ weddings (even the term is pretty new to 2020, as far as we know).  As large gatherings were banned, couples, who for years may have been anticipating saying ‘I do’ in 2020 or early 2021, suddenly saw their original plans – for a large celebration with friends and extended family – abruptly cancelled. Quite devastating for couples who had carefully planned every step of their big day – the venue, guest list, entertainment…. part of a vision of a day filled with love, dancing, hugs and celebration.

However, many couples have decided not to let Covid ruin their dream to marry in 2020 or 2021 – and so turned their attention to the possibility of a ‘wee’ wedding.  Without realising it (and perhaps a first, given we tend to like things quite traditional!)  we’ve been ahead of the trend – as we’ve had the pleasure of arranging and hosting small and intimate weddings for many years.  Our beautiful Library lends itself perfectly to the day, it’s a really special space for friends and family to celebrate.

Many couples are initially anxious, as a micro wedding wasn’t part of their original vision.  Whilst some things aren’t possible – a large guest list, bands, for example – there are many elements of a micro wedding that make it so special in its simplicity.  The wedding party is intimate, and with that brings that relaxed atmosphere you can achieve by only having your closest loved ones around you – evidenced by the laughter that we often hear during the speeches! During an intimate wedding, more family members feel comfortable to join in, we’ve seen all guests taking a turn to say a few words about the couple, which creates a truly memorable moment.

When it comes to selecting the meal,  the advantages of a micro wedding come to the fore. You can ensure everyone is individually considered – and select a beautiful, bespoke menu which suits even the most discerning/fussiest (!) in your wedding party.

Small weddings always have a lovely, relaxed atmosphere from the moment the wedding party arrives. Perhaps this is natural – often small weddings are planned in a matter of weeks or months (rather than years) – on occasion all the planning takes place virtually without ever visiting Douneside (we’ve become quite good at a show round via Zoom, another 2020 trend!) As soon as the couple and their wedding guests arrive at Douneside they can ‘switch off’, enjoy our fantastic surroundings, and focus on celebrating with those they love.

Here’s hoping the rise of the micro wedding continues long into 2021 and beyond.  We certainly love hosting them.

For details of our micro Library wedding (from 2 – 14 guests) see our Library brochure.  Or for our small, exclusive use weddings (up to 60 guests) see our Exclusive Use brochure.   We look forward to discussing your vision for a beautiful, small wedding in Scotland.

From start to finish our wedding at Douneside House was flawless and so easy. All the staff were incredible.  A huge thank you to Melanie and Aaron, they were simply amazing. Planning a wedding through Covid has not been easy, but Douneside House has made it so easy for both of us.  Another huge thank you and massive admiration for the Chefs.  Our guests stayed for two nights and everyone agreed the food was phenomenal and the best some had ever had.  We cannot wait to return very soon.

Kelly and Jamie, via Facebook.

Image of Kelly and Jamie by kind courtesy of the very talented Donna Murray Photography.